Brewing Updates for Fall 2017



Come and join us for our Witch’s New Year. On Oct. 21 our coven will be celebrating the Third Harvest, honoring the Ancestors, listening to the words of the Crone and blessing our Besom for the coming year. Ritual will be at 7pm, please arrive 15 early.

  • Bring a broom (besom) to have blessed.
  • Bring an item to place on the ancestor’s altar to connect with your ancestors as well as to have blessed by the ancestors.

For information on the location please email Lady Arawyn using the email below. If you do not hear from her within a day, send her a text using the number below.




*We are accepting new students who can start classes in spring of 2018; if interested please join us at this ritual to see if we are what you might be looking for. We are starting a new class in spring to give new students time to visit us for a few Sabbats and it will give them time to take the Spellcraft 101 class*

*For those of you who wish to contribute to our website please email articles, events, poems, recipe and/or stories to and once approved, I will get them posted.

If you are having any problems emailing me, please leave a comment here and I will answer it.

Thank you,

Lady Arawyn Lyonesse, HPS


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