The Holly King says “Good night”

As the cold winds blows from the northern sky
     All of nature has seemed to die.
The Holly King has ruled for long days
    The gift of death all life must pay.
His time is short, his work is done
    The time for battle has just begun.
His twin brother, they meet at last
    For life has come to the world as in the past.
The Oak King is renew from his long rest
    Has come to keep the promise from life from death
They draw their swords of challenge and answer
    Their circle each other with movements of dancers
The brothers come together, steel bites steel.
   The Oak King raises the Thyrsis with pride.
For it’s his time to rule at the goddess’s side
    Until they meet again on warms summer night
The circle is ever more and that is right.

By: Lord Gwydion ’08

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