A Mabon Thought

         The Wheel of the Year has turned, and another Mabon is approaching fast. When I think of Mabon the apple comes to mind. The apple, a fruit of many colors, sizes and tastes. There are over 7,000 different types of apples in the world today. Plus if you were to plant a seed from the apple you just ate there is no guarantee you will get the same apple let alone an apple that taste good. Without grafting the apple tree it will grow a totally new unique apple tree with no characteristics of its parent tree.apple star

Another interesting thing about the apple is found in the fleshy interior. If you cut an apple in half horizontally, you will discover its secret…the pentacle. A symbol of many meanings, but for me it is a promise that no matter how cold the coming months will get life will continue. The Gods will return, and the land will be green again.

We can learn a lot from the little apple, not only does it hold a promise from the Gods, but it also has seeds that when planted take a whole different path then its parents. It sows it’s own way in life for better or for worse. A Tasty eating apple or a sour baking apple, in the end it is still good to grow strong and have a fruitful life.apple tree limb

Lady Arawyn Lyonesse

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