Still Living the Nightmare

©Lady Bona Dea Lyonesse

We are still asleep. We toss and turn and think we are awake, but the horror repeats…repeats…repeats. A type of sleep paralysis has descended on us and we feel helpless. And maybe even hopeless. Our ideas of how humans should interact start out looking good on paper or in the imagination, but apply it to real life and as the ideas become multi-dimensional, the dark side is what we seem to experience. How we take care of each other and ourselves seems to get more complicated the harder we try, as we redefine over and over again simple concepts like fairness and enough. Nothing is fair and there is never enough. This is what we believe. This is our truth…or is it?

It seems to me that we are just afraid. Fear rules the human race. We are basically toddlers searching desperately for our mothers and grasping anything we can to make us feel secure. If we die before knowing what safe is, we might be lost forever. Am I minimizing or poking fun at real human angst? I am not. Am I afraid? I am. I am afraid our fear will destroy us.

What we are still putting into practice, though, is the concept of ‘mine.’ If I have something and you don’t, I can see that I am better off than you, therefore I am safe. If you acquire something, then I must have more than you, or at least the same as you, so I can continue to feel safe by comparison. The fallacy of this illusion is that what we need is outside of ourselves. It is not. Many spiritual traditions teach that what we really need is not in the material world at all. Some say we must find God. Some say we won’t meet God until we die. Some say the mother we are looking for is the Goddess. And some even say that She/He is inside us, so all we have to do is look in there to find what we’ve lost. But we haven’t lost anything, we are just distracted from our awareness of what we have always had. And yet, most of us, including many spiritual leaders still abide by the illusion that prosperity in the guise of material possessions is our measure of safety. If we possess everything, then we would never be afraid of not having enough and being fair wouldn’t matter because we would already have our share. Better safe than sorry, right? Just an illusion…a dream.

My college-age grandson, who has often shown wisdom beyond his years, was telling me last night about how grateful he was that we have a close-knit loving family. He reminded me of the truth. I agreed and we reveled in the knowledge that this is our true wealth. Nothing feels safer to us than being embraced by love. My family and I all share an understanding that when we are together, “all is right with the world.” At least our little world, anyway.

I believe that the gift of the human race is awareness, and through our awareness, we have the ability to choose our intent. In that regard we can restructure, restore, or destroy by how we focus our energy. We can alter established energy patterns in our environment and interactions for our benefit or for our detriment. We have been doing this all along. We are now living the nightmare of our choices.

But we are not helpless. We can choose a different intent based on what we now know is true; that we inherently have what we need for our soul to survive. We are ultimately safe. The power of divine energy flows through us from Source, and with our awareness of this, we can experience the wealth of true safety as we manifest peace for our home the earth.

We can dis-integrate the harmful energy patterns that we, the human race, have been using as a security blanket against the truth of our existence. By aligning our intent for peace with the unconditional acceptance and support from Source, we can influence the course of human interaction for our future. So that we might have a future.

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