I am Pagan

I am humble in the glory of Divine Love

That manifests as the Goddess and God in my life.


I honor the sacredness of all living things

Knowing they are all faces of the Divine.


A Spark of the Divine lives within my soul,

Therefore, I am sacred.

I believe this is true of everyone.


I strive to honor and care for the Earth,

As the Earth is a living manifestation of the Divine.


I believe that Unconditional Love heals

And Fear and Anger destroys.


I define Unconditional Love as Acceptance

Which manifests as Peace.


I work for Peace

In my life and in the world.


I celebrate and honor the Divine in my life

With words, music, song, dance,

And shared sacred experience.


I believe in personal freedom of choice

Within the bounds of love and trust.


I strive to harm none.

I am responsible for my thoughts and actions.


I respect all paths to Divine Truth

And will defend everyone’s right to follow their own path.


 ©Patricia DeSandro (Bona Dea Lyonesse)2012

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