Lovemate Spell

2009 Bona Dea Lyonesse 

Make a heart shaped charm from rose petals given from one love to another.

Scent it with rose essential oil.

Find or make a token that represents your finest qualities and put your natural scent on it.

Place both charms on a bed of rose petals from a loving relationship, in a worthy box that has a lid.

Place the open box on a windowsill or altar on the night of a new moon.

Request from Mother Moon,

“As Your tides bring all the treasures of the deep blue sea to Earth’s shores,

Please bring to my shore a lovemate that will be a treasure to me.”

With that request comes a promise that you will be a treasure to the lovemate that comes to you.

If you break this vow, your love will not last.

When your lovemate arrives in your life, share the box and contents with him/her/them.

Close the box and keep it safe in a place of honor.

Each of you, on every anniversary, add new rose petals given in love to support the energy of the relationship.

The rose petals in this spell can be dried.

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