Spirit Guides

What is a Spirit Guide?

What is a Guardian Angel?

I have asked many people and here are some of the answers I’ve heard:

  • “You must study under me. Only I can tell you who your Spirit Guides are.”
  • “I will give you a Spirit Guide because God has given me the power to do so.”
  • “You must read my book to find out about your Guides.”
  • “I read a book on Shamanism, so I am trained to assign you a Spirit Guide.”
  • “You must have a Spiritual Advisor to tell you what Guides you can have. Some are evil and should not be trusted.”
  • “If you want a Guardian Angel, you must read the bible and go to church.”
  • “You must be a “card-carrying” Native-American to have a Spirit Guide and they must be a cool animal like a wolf or a buffalo.”
  • “You must be Christian to have a Guardian Angel. Spirit Guides are only for Heathens and are the Devil’s work!”
  • “There are no Spirit Guides, only Guardian Angels!”
  • “I know all about Guardian Angels. I know all their names and who’s in charge, so I will tell you if you have a real one or not.”
  • “My Guardian Angels are at a very high level in the hierarchy because I am so enlightened. That is why I have more than one.
  • *******All of these answers are based in ego and fear*********

    We’re supposed to listen to Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels and do what they say. They are supposed to watch over us, protect us, and guide us, so we’ve been told.

    • What do they look like?
    • So who are they?
    • How do I get one?
    • How long do they stay with us?
    • How many do we each have?
    • Are they the same thing?
    • Where did they come from?
    • Do we have to have a Spirit Guide or Guardian Angel?

    The search for what we can trust in the universe can take lifetimes.

    I believe this is a very personal journey. The answers could be different for each one of us. Here is what I’ve found to be true for me, from my vantage point, based on my interaction with my Spirit Guides and working spiritually with many people.

    I believe that each of us come into this life, from the Source, encapsulated in its energy of unconditional divine love. As we enter the physical world, we seem to be separated from this love energy because it isn’t perceived with our physical senses. But each of us has a knowing in our hearts, a memory of this love. The love energy that surrounds us can and does protect and guide us through our life lessons, if we let it; if we listen to it.

    For us to comprehend a source of information and protection with our physical minds, which requires us to categorize and label, the energy can take on the form of whatever we can best accept. I believe our needs and expectations determine to a great extent, how these energies manifest for us.

    If we expect beings with wings, this would probably be what we would experience.

    A lot depends on our spiritual base.

    If our lives have been centered in observing the wisdom of the animal world, the energy might take animal form.

    A culture rooted in specific gods and goddesses might produce manifestations of a favorite deity.

    Beloved ancestors who cared for and protected us in life have left a layer of love around us, also. I believe that even when the souls of these ancestors aren’t able to come back to us in a time of need, this layer of love can be activated and manifested in their form.

    I have a strong feeling there is a lot of this unconditional love energy permeating the universe, encapsulating and connecting all things that exist. Maybe it also radiates from distant stars and solar systems or from Cosmic Beings willing to share, connecting to and building on the love that already surrounds us. Are the beautiful nebulae surrounding newborn stars actually universal love? I think so.

    As we reach out with our lonely human hearts for something to make us feel whole, or at least not so abandoned, our personal energy draws this love to us. As it flows through our matrix of experience and expectations, it takes a shape, something we can relate to so we can recognize it and trust it.

    Our heart knows divine unconditional love when it feels it.

    It remembers. Trust that.

    Your heart can tell the difference.


    However, in our human existence, we have gotten used to looking for reassurance from other humans. We look for someone to say,

    “Yes, it was an Angel/Animal Guide/Ancestor/Goddess/God/Faerie that you saw or heard; it is real!”

    This eases our fears of nonphysical presence and we feel blessed but confused. How do they know?

    If we look to recorded accounts of other’s spiritual experiences to find answers, what we find might not fit our experience. Those descriptions are just that; someone’s attempt to verbalize a personal, profound, extraordinary experience. We try to fit ours into their matrix and amazingly, can sometimes rationalize our experience to absurdity just to be labeled as part of a spiritual group. There are those whose personal fears drive them to be judgmental and egotistical. They demand that others accept what they believe and their way of seeing things as the only way. For example, remember the answers that I spoke of earlier.

    No individual holds the only key to spiritual fulfillment. That, we must find for ourselves.

    We must not let others determine for us our spiritual experience.

    One thing all of these energies seem to have in common is that they have an extraordinary component to their appearance. They might shimmer or have a transparent quality. There might be an aura of light, color or sound enveloping them. In the case of animal energy, the animal might behave differently than normal, or appear and disappear quickly.

    Sometimes, very profound spiritual messages come through other people. Children are good for this. Listen carefully to what children say to you in passing. They are wonderful channels of the Divine!

    Just because something or someone seems a bit odd, does this mean it, he or she is our Guardian Angel or Spirit Guide?

    Of course, you could always ask them. In many instances, we know only after the fact that a helping energy seemingly outside of ourselves has influenced our lives.

    How many Guides or Angles do each of us have?


    I believe this is also based on our need. If this love energy can become what it is we need, it can also become how many we need. I have personally experienced one-on-one interaction with a Guide and, at times, felt surrounded in a community of loving energy.

    I have noticed, through my work as a psychic minister that some Guardian Angels and/or Spirit Guides can be with a person from birth, even through many lifetimes. They can also come in, just for a particular experience or crisis, as in a miraculous rescue. I have a group of Guides that have been with me for several lifetimes, and a few who have worked with me three or four times only in this life, and two whom I’ve only seen once. How did I know if they were good ones? I felt good when they were around. I felt loved. What they had to teach me made my heart open up and expand. I felt a deep sensation in my heart that was uplifting.

    There is a saying that if you get goose-bumps or a tingling sensation, you are in the presence of truth. I believe this to be true; however, this doesn’t mean the truth will be helpful or nurturing to you. The truth might be that the energy you have come in contact with is against your ultimate good. It was pointed out to me many years ago that the word “evil” is “live” spelled backwards. What is evil is against the living. Ask the question “Is this energy I’m experiencing for my greater good? Does it come in love and trust” If there is a tingly feeling or a tug on your heart that feels good, you can continue a dialogue to determine why it is there. If there is no positive response, you can ask, “Is this energy against what is good for me?” If you feel a sudden chill or the hair on the back of your neck standing up, you can demand that the energy leave your space, for it is trespassing. If you feel judged and beaten down or controlled by the energy, regardless of where it came from, it is not promoting your greater good. “Be gone!” stated three times with great strength is usually all that is needed to remove it from your energy field. Always follow this with calling in supportive energy for yourself.

    The concept of good and evil is a human thing. Energies in the universe and in us are neutral. Energy is just energy. How it is used determines for us whether it is good or evil.

    Your personal energy matrix will attract that which you are interested in. If you are fascinated by that which would be labeled as evil, that is what will surround you. If you desire loving guidance for your spiritual journey through this life, that is what will manifest for you.

    Do we have to have Guides or Angels?

    We come into this life with all the help we need. However, we always have the choice to not listen to them. We can reject and deny them all we want, but if we need them, they are there.

    Like a baby who is crying too hard to accept nourishment, we often are so agitated and desperate that we fight against that which we want most in life: to be loved and accepted for who we are.

    No one can take that away from us nor determine for us if we deserve it or how much we are entitled to. We are children of the Gods. We have the divine spark within. The universe is ours.

    “If thou doest feel abandoned by life,

    Look to the Universe, Beloved.

    Thou art never alone.

    All elements of creation be thy confidantes,

    And Spirits, living unseen, thine advisors be.

    Thou art forever cradled in the arms of the Mother.

    Thou art forever glowing in the light of the Father.

    If thou doest feel abandoned by life,

    Look to the Universe, Beloved,

    Thou art never alone.”

    ~BonaDea 2010


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    1. I really like this article! I’ve had many dreams of angels. I remember when I was very little I had a series of dreams where I was an angel. One, I believe, was an out of body experience because I remember flying over my neighborhood and in my room. I’ve had dreams of a being who introduced himself as my guardian angel as well. And I have a little boy spirit about the age of 14 who likes to sleep with me at night and is very protective when people come to my house. I call him “little brother”. And a tarot reader once told me I possessed fae magic and I need a heavy dose of nature often to stay healthy. Sorry. I’m rambling. Anyway, I really liked the article!

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