A Women’s Soul Cycle

In Triple Goddess Form

Looking at the circle of life for a woman in a different way one can see the colors of the triple goddess; white, red, and black. Every women’s life travels on a spiral ever upwards though new life lessons.

The life of a baby girl begins at ‘White’ the purity of youth; the beginning; being born into the light. As this child grows she has the innocence of her age…all she knows is what is important in her immediate surroundings, but as she grows her eyes are opened to the world around her and then ‘Red’ comes into play with the flow of sacred blood which signifies the turning point in all women…the chance of motherhood. She is an adult and travels the path that the Goddess has laid out for her, ever so often, putting forks in the road to test, to challenge, and to let free will help play a role in the life this woman will lead. She has lived a life, and now looks in the mirror and sees her grandmother staring back at her, she has reached the crone stage…she has walked her path to ‘Black’ were croning dwells and eventually death will emerge, but with a circle there is never an end. The circle must continue around, death is not the end, but also a beginning…a rebirth.

It could be argued that at this stage in a soul’s life, the void…the blackness of darkness is where the soul will rest in the Goddess’s arms… looking upon its most recent life and decide what lessons it must learn during the next. Then…

She is reborn at Black… created in the void…the womb. As she continues her path of the circle she comes to Red; the blood of the ancestors that flow through her, as well as the blood of her mother, helping her enter this world. Which leads to her Birth, there her soul, in human form, is brought to the light, the White, the end of birthing, but the beginning of a life…again. And with each new life on this circle the soul’s goal is to travel the circle, ever moving in a spiral motion upwards around the circle, learning new lessons with each life. To what end…no one can know…we as souls are not to question why we exist, for that answer is already inside us; it’s to learn as much as we can from each life the Divine blesses us with.


A Women’s Soul Cycle — 2 Comments

  1. Hey! I used to be an atheist, and now I am a total pagan gosdeds person! It’s a bit of a insane brain trip going from one to the other I think, I’m still getting used to it :S

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