Imbolc Burning Bright

Imbolc was a blessed ritual! We were honored with having Lady Bona Dea and Lord Gwydion in a ritual that brought the harsh truth of life and death choices from Dagda, and the blessings of Brigit for all. We missed those who could not be with us, but we had some wonderful guests join us in our celebration!


         Now why is Groundhog Day on the same day as Imbolc, well that develop over the years. It all started with one tradition on Imbolc where if hibernating animals emerge to find sunlight and their shadows on February 2, then winter will continue for the full 12 weeks. When German immigrants settled in Pennsylvania they looked for a hibernating animal that would make a suitable forecaster. They chose the groundhog which may have been a suggestion by the neighboring Delaware tribe, who revered the groundhog as a sacred descendant of their Creator. This is just one story of how Groundhog Day came to be.

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