Samhain Honoring

We had a very need Samhain ritual for our coven. It was a great way for those who could to come and help celebrate this time of year. Our coven faced a challenge and come out the other side, and Samhain was a great way to bring in the Witch’s New Year and reflect on all we have accomplished! We started the New Year with a new coven stead and though we had some obstacles; we over came and became stronger. We had some new guest join us, which was very wonderful. We missed those who wanted to come, but were unable. Love was sent out to you all!

During this ritual we really focus on honoring our ancestors. We called in the primal energy of the First Mother and Father of all. We changed the reigns for it is now the Dark Half of the year. We talked about the Ancestor of Blood, Ancestor of teachings, and Ancestor of Anointed.

Ancestor of Blood:

Those who came before you and help to create the foundation that your essence was form. Never forget where you come from, learn about our blood ancestors because it will help you to understand your family; it will help you learn from the mistakes of the past, and it will help the next generation know the importance of remembering. So that when you are gone your descends will remember you. They learn by example.

Ancestor of Teachings:

These ancestor are the ones who are call to teach a tradition. Be it any religious these teachers touch the lives of many, and even when they past on to the next life their teaching live on in generation after generation. Our teachings have a core created by Lady Circe, and by sharing her teachings with new students we are helping her to spread her wisdom.

Ancestor of the Anointed:

This ancestor are spirits that would never took the form of a human, but still try to help human with message, lessons, and inspiration.

We open the veil and dance with the death. It was a very moving experiencing! We blessed our brooms with the Samhain fire.

This is the time when sacrifice is talked about, but it can be real hard to do.

In doing our second move we experience a sacrifice of our own. We planted our Beltane apple tree and Buckhorn tree at our last coven stead, and we had to leave them behind. They would have a better chance to survive. If we had dug them up and replanted them they may not have made it through the winter. We say good-by to these two trees, and will always feel our spiritual connection with them.

Maypole TreeBuckhorn Tree

Beltane Apple Tree

Beltane Apple Tree