Why Sacrifice?

Why should you sacrifice? Well, these seeds are blessings. Each one a precious blessings that you hold dear, but the bowl is starting to get full. In fact, it is over flowing with blessings. There will soon be no more room for  more blessings, what is a person to do? That is were sacrifice comes in. When we sacrifice we make room for all the blessings that come flowing in. Very often we look back on our lives and think “Yes, we had to sacrifice our time, or something we may have wanted, but look what we gain, look how we were blessed.” When one gives, the blessings are so much more!

The Priestess talked about sacrifice that the God had to do; the Goddess; and our ancestors. Could you Sacrifice for you children as the God does; pouring forth all his energy into the harvest so his children can eat. Could you Sacrifice as the Goddess does? Demeter says good bye to her daughter as she returns to the underworld to be with her husband. Can you sacrifice time with your kids so they can live the life they want? Now some may say “I do not have kids”. Think of it this way;  Could you sacrifice as our ancestors did? They had to decide which of their animal they would kill to feed their family for the coming of winter. These are major sacrifices that I hope no one would every have to face, but you never know what lessons lay upon your path. Will you be prepare?

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