A Mabon Thanksgiving

This year’s Mabon celebration was a wonderful time! We dance the bounty of the vine dance with Dionysus; than added energy to making our coven wine; the Goddess said a farewell fan dance to the God as he decended into the underworld; and we awaken the spirit of the apple that was hidden in our Sabbat cakes. After ritual, we had an awesome Thanksgiving feast!  We had some great guests join us, but we did miss those that could not be with us.

In all, it was a night to truely be thankful for!!!

Something else to be Thankful for!

Did you know the gods hid a blessing inside a sacred fruit?

For behold, hidden in the fleshy interior of an apple we find a pentagram… a symbol
that combines all things together. For without the blowing winds of air; the glowing sunlight of fire; cooling rains of water; the nurturing soil of earth; and the
divine spark of spirit that bring it all together… this, the Apple, would not be here and neither would us!

For we are all connected, and that is something to be thankful for!

apple pentagram

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