St. Patrick Day “What to Wear?”

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I went looking to see what other witches, wiccans, and pagans do on St. Patrick Day. I came across some very interesting traditions that you may not known. Some pagans wear black on this day to honor the snakes (pagans) that were driven out of Ireland. We wear black to honor the fallen witches of yesteryears, our ancestors, but do we include the snakes of Ireland? When I think of Ireland I didn’t realize that the pagans were driven out, to me Ireland is one of the founding places of my faith—still strong as ever; but I guess that is not the case. I am not here to say “Celebrating St. Patrick Day is wrong, don’t wear green.” I just want to get people thinking about the things we take for granted. To celebrate something just because everyone is doing it is not always a good idea. Research, ask questions, and probe to see if the real facts are what they are on the surface. As a kid I really thought Ireland had snakes and never thought to question if that had another meaning. There are too many holidays that don’t really reflect their true meaning. With advertisement, the holidays in this case St. Patrick’s Day, is brought down to just drinking green beer, and wearing green. Let us take the time to seek the true meaning to these holidays. Let us take a moment to honor those that may have been affected in a harmful way before we chug a green beer this year. Some cool crafts to make are a serpent pin to wear on St. Patrick’s Day to honor the pagans or one can decorate your front door with a Spring Snake Wreath.

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