Legend of

As Small Children Slept ….Terrors, Nightmares & Monsters Crept


And All Through The Night They Awoke With The Frights,
For All They Could Dream Were ….Fearful, Tearful , Unbelievably Scary Things.
Then One Chilly Moonlit Night …. Mother Mae Sat To Say ….
” Children Dears …. Come To Play ….With The Dolls That I Have Made ….


I Know They Have No Faces …. & I Know They Have No Eyes,


And Yes …. There Is A Very Good Reason Why.

A Very Long Time Ago …. .When You Play & When You Sleep ….
It Is Your Face These Dolls Should Keep!
The More You Love Them The Stronger They Grow.
For In The Night They Need Their Might –
To Fight Away All of Your Fears & Bedtime Frights.


Nightmares, Terrors & Monsters Are No More ,


For Your Dreaming Self Makes It So.

Now Hurry To Sleep …. Tuck In Your Warriors, Relax Your Minds ….

& Forget Your Frights.

Joyful Thoughts & Lands of Pure Delight Are Sure To Fill Your Dreams

On This & Every Night.”

Mother Mae Kissed Their Heads, Sent Them To Their Beds & Was Never

Again Awoken By Tearful, Fearful Cries of The Night Time Fright .






 ~ MeKailia ~ 2003 ~





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