Honoring Lady Circe

Lady Circe

What intrigued me most about Lady Circe was that she really lived life with a passion. She had so many varied careers! She had such a dramatic flare for things! She was so magnetic! For me she was the mysterious door to the Craft. Open just enough to invite me to explore, but not enough to spill all the secrets. These she would dole out, one by one, as she felt her students were ready, in weekly classes.

I discovered early on, though, that the best learning opportunities were in the kitchen with her or sitting around the dining room table. Inevitably, a story would start; a small adventure from her early days as a witch. Hidden in the stories were lessons, complete with catch phrases, about how to live a Wiccan life. “Let the spider run alive, your business, then, is sure to thrive.” “If you would walk the witch’s way, observe with care the child at play.” I never tired of the stories (there were so many) and now, I have a few of my own, including an adventure or two with her.

Lady Circe was outspoken. She meant what she said, said what she meant and always meant to speak her mind! She never worried about what others thought. “(I) fear nothing from my lips”. She had a way of shaking you loose from your old ways of thinking with her no-nonsense, commanding voice. She didn’t have time for wimps. If she saw strength in you, she expected you to use it. Once while I waited several minutes to get her attention in her busy kitchen, she said impatiently, “Bona Dea! You are too damn polite! Speak up! Say what you have to say!”

She stressed to all of us, that: “How you carry yourself is most important.” Protocol, etiquette and physical presence are what the outside world sees and they would know witches by what they see in us.

Lady Circe had a soft, motherly side, too. She would give you whatever you needed, without hesitation. People down on their luck occasionally came to her door and she would instruct us to give them food from her refrigerator (especially if there were children involved) even if that depleted her own supplies.

If it was advise you needed, she would get out her tarot cards and remind you that you had the strength to deal with whatever the problem was. You left, sometimes with herbs or oils, but always with the feeling that if Lady Circe thinks you can handle it and things will turn out all right, then you can and they will!

I feel her presence every time I light a candle, every time I blend incense or oil, every time I need a reminder of how strong I really am. She is still with me, as she is still with all who love her. Blessed be, Mother Circe.

Bona Dea


Honoring Lady Circe — 15 Comments

  1. Thank you for helping me know LAdy Circe better. I had only met her once or twice and that Was well before I found ShaddowWood. Blessings upon you and yours Lady Bona Dea

  2. If you love her so much, how can you let what is happening to her house happen? Horrible!

  3. Love her, not what she one time own. What is happening to her house is out of our control, and not connected to us. We honor her by following her teachings, and sharing her memory with others. If you feel so strongly about this, then you need to contract the persons who were involved in the situation you are talking about. Many Blessings to you and yours, Lady Arawyn

  4. Thank you Bona Dea,

    Your thoughts of Lady Circe were very touching. Hers was an old soul with such a sharp mind, she could tell you chapter and verse of the bible. I loved to hear her when someone would mock her and quote some thing from the bible..only have Circe correct them with the
    correct verse. She loved her craft ! She is with me always…

    Bright Blessings Lady Bona Dea

  5. Jaret,

    It was not Lady Bona Dea or any one from the Circle of the Sacred Grove that betrayed
    Lady Circe. Her home was left to those who promised to keep it as the church . They of course
    didn’t keep that promise…..and yes, it is horrible what they have done! It breaks my heart to hear how every thing has fallen apart! But, believe me, the Lady is not there . She was there
    only a very short time. You don’t need the house to remember her, just know she is with you.

    Lady Lachesis

  6. Lady Bona Dea, your words are always a gift. I did not have the pleasure of meeting Lady Circe, however I have been spoken to quite a bit about her. I have heard nothing but wonderful things and this message only serves to cement those wonderful statements. I am certain she lives on in each and every person she touched!
    Many Blessings,

  7. Merry Meet Bona Dea! This is Lady Maat, we would sit beside each other at Circe’s during gatherings- like MARG. NIGHT!!!!
    Want to thank you for your postings and wish that the crone was still here. Have you heard from Sheryl at all??
    I now live in UT, my buddy Pam sees you often. Perhaps with our new coven hived out here I can include Circe in the name. Circle Wise was founded aprox. 6-8 before her passing.
    To this day I remember dinners at the table, her home made Chili rocked!!That Queen could surely cook and craft! Greatly Missed.
    Blessed Be
    Lady Maat Toledo, Findlay, and now UT

  8. Hi My name is Samantha Gill. Years ago I was looking for my birth father and found out that Lady Circe and him were very good friends (his name was Milton waggoner). I had called her and spoke with her for a little bit. She did tell me that she had his ashes. Did anyone ever hear his name or names of any of his children? Ive thought of Lady Circe over the years and was saddened to hear of her passing and I wish I would have contacted her again. Does she have any children that are still living? Any information that anyone could give me would be wonderful. I would love to hear stories of Lady Circe and or talk to her children. Thank you. Samantha Gill

  9. I was wondering where her daughter Talison is? Does she still have a shop? Thanks

  10. Talison store closed up over 6 years ago. Two doors down is a new store “Once in a Blue Moon”. As far as I know Talison was Lady Circe business partner in a store they had in the past, but is not her daughter. Lady Bona Dea my know more… Could you give me your name, and I will contract Lady Bona Dea for you. ~Lady Arawyn Lyonesse HPS

  11. I love this post! I am doing research on Lady Circe – making a record of what her favorite things were, her sun sign and other details. I would love to call on her in ritual and hope these details about her will help me contact her 🙂
    Where she is buried? I read something about a West Virginia service in 2005 but that’s all the detail I could find…

  12. She was cremated. The service in 2005 was at a celebration called MayFest. How did you find out about her, have you studied under one of her students?

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