Maypole of Life

There are many traditions about the Maypole, but here is the one our coven follows. The May Pole is a phallic symbol. It is inserted into a hole in Mother Earth to represent the act of the Goddess and God making love so they can conceive the Divine Child. As men and women weave around the maypole the flower wreath, at the top, slowly comes down. Once it hits the ground conception is at hand. But let’s look deeper into the meaning of the Maypole.

Watching people dance the Maypole I started to realize this dance represents life; how we live our lives. Some want the dance to go perfectly while others just free form it. The controlling of the maypole dance can be frustrating to some while others just have fun with it. In life, it can be hard to control every situation. Sometimes you just have to go with the flow especially when control is out of your hands. The Maypole dance can show us that it’s ok to just have fun once in a while and let the magick work…not try to control every little aspect.

When we danced our Maypole this year, we tried a little to control the dance. Who’s going in what direction, and who’s weaving on top or bottom. As we danced and sang the chant, confusion did happen but so did laughter. Mistakes were made with people weaving in and out, some trying to do it right while others just having fun with it. As we weaved in and out of each other’s lives we, as humans, make mistakes, we mess up! Sometimes the meeting is a fun and a great interaction. The connection lasted for a long time, while others are just “two ships passing in the night” as the saying goes. All those interactions, those connections, no matter how long or short, are important aspects of life.

During the dance, there were times when people would get tangled. It usually happened as we got closer to the Maypole. This too happens in life, the closer we get to one another the more our lives are entangled. Sometimes good, sometimes bad. But think of this; all relationships are good. Yes, even the bad ones! Why you may ask? Well they help to teach us lessons, and/ or to define the type of relationship we do want versus what we do not want. As children, we only know a handful of relationships, but as we travel down our Maypole of life we weave different connections and they all help us to grow into the humans we want to be.  Think about this: would you be the person you are today if it was not for the relationships you had? You may wish you never knew a certain person, but that person taught you a lesson. Whether you listen to the lesson is one of the factors you can control in life. How we listen and learn from our lessons in life is totally up to us.

The weave of the Maypole can show us how a life was lived. Loose weaving or tangled weaves can be some struggle in a life. But eventually, the weave takes on a more organized pattern. Could this indicate life becoming more organized? Maybe!  It could also indicate growth, how the person learned to connect with those around them.

As we danced our Maypole this year, I noticed how our intermingling with each other weaved such a unique pattern.  No two Maypole weaves are alike, just like no two relationships are alike.

This weave can also show us how we touch each other’s life. Life is a weaving of many connections; the intersecting of lives that meet on the path we travel. Can we control the weaving of life? We can try. But sometimes letting what’s going to happen just happen can lead to great experiences and encounters. There are a few things one can control. As you are weaving the Maypole, you can watch your speed, try not to bump into anyone causing them injury, and try to enjoy the experience as best you can. This can be said for life as well. Don’t speed through life never enjoying the journey but at the same time don’t go so slow that you get left behind. Watch how much your life can affect others, and how much you will let others affect you. Life is messy, sex is messy. The Maypole dance is an organized mess. Handle the dance the best you can. Control what you can and remember to have some fun.

©Lady Arawyn Lyonesse 2018

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