• During the times of the plague the glove makers…would scent their leathers with lavender oil and many seemed to stay plague free.
    •  This story could have some validity as the plague was transmitted by fleas and lavender is known to repel them. 
  •  The Queen of Sheba offered King Soloman “spike,” an early name for lavender.
  • In France, lavender flowers were strewn on the floor to freshen the air and mask stinking smells of the unsanitary streets.
  •   In the 16th century, Queen Elizabeth I drank 10 cups of lavender tea a day to ward off headaches and promote her sense of well being.  
  •  When using Lavender for spell, the herb is known to be good in love spells.
  •   The best way to use Lavender is in the bath tube to reduce stress and promote love into your life.
  • Using only a little bit of Lavender and Rosemary in a cloth soak in hot warm will make a good compress to put on your forehead to get rid of a headache. 

Please note: These are fun facts for entertainment only. Do not eat or drink any herb without discussing it with your doctor.


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