Winds of Change

cloudy and rainy2012 Bona Dea Lyonesse

We endure rainy, windy, stormy days in early spring, alternating with sudden cold, ice, and snow. Why? Because we know the “pay off” is coming at the end of this season of change. We will be blessed with beautiful flowers and shady trees, fresh air and fertile soil. Do we thank the uncomfortable weather?

The freezing cold snap kills off certain bacteria, molds, and insect larvae that could overwhelm us in the warm months of summer. The wind shakes off the remaining leaves from last year, scatters seeds from dried up seedpods and disperses pollen from early blooming trees and grasses. The wind also pulls down dead branches and trees, allowing more sunlight to reach the new growth. Are we grateful for the biting wind?

ar16Blessings are delivered by events that shake things up; that force us to reevaluate and change. Like the Tower card in the Tarot deck; the old patterns that trap us in the past must be torn down before we can experience new blessings.

The tornadoes that devastated parts of Indiana just last week, provided opportunities for people previously isolated by modern living to come together. Some had never met their neighbors before. Instead of staying isolated, hoarding what was left of their belongings, countless people went from place to place, checking to see if their neighbors were OK and offering to share what they had. New friendships were made and provisions were shared. They no longer took each other for granted. Do they realize it was the storm that brought the blessing?

With this train of thought in mind, here are some questions we might ask ourselves this season:

1) What are the Winds/Storms of Change in our lives?

2) What old patterns are being broken?

3) What has happened that abruptly ended or killed off that which would

have overwhelmed us?

4) What is our pay off from our personal Season of Change?

5) How many new blessings are we aware of now?

6) What do we no longer take for granted?

7) Did we remember to be grateful?

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