Founder’s Message

Merry meet, I am Lady Bona Dea Lyonesse, the Founder of the Circle of the Sacred Grove. In February of 2011, I passed the staff to Lady Arawyn to be the new High Priestess, and Lord Gwydion, who served me as High Priest, to continue what has grown to be a strong and loving family coven in the Romano-Celtic tradition of the Old Religion. I birthed the coven with the blessings of my Elders, in 1999, to fulfill my dream of an organization based in love and trust, respect, understanding, compassion and integrity. Our mission is to dispel fear of the Craft, educate the public about pagan spirituality, and respect and honor the Old Ways as a family oriented group. I have faith that the Circle of the Sacred Grove will continue to flourish as a safe and loving coven under the new leadership. Lady Arawyn and Lord Gwydion have been with me for a long time and I trust them.
After leading ritual and workshops for more than 20 years and the coven for 12 years, I feel I am now being called to use my psychic gifts and my years of experience for the greater community. I will be devoting my time to leading public ritual, workshops, Rites-of-Passage, and Kenning Stone readings around the country, and writing.
I come from Celtic and Germanic heritage and have always been very drawn to their ancient ways, but I was raised Anglican Catholic. Though I was drawing pictures of the Goddess at 3 years of age, I didn’t start my intensive training for pagan priestesshood until my children were almost grown. I am now a great grandmother. My mentors included the Lady Circe in Toledo, Ohio, Linda Diane Feldt in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Susun Weed, and Orion Foxwood.
My background includes a BFA in fine arts from Bowling Green State University where I also studied anthropology and comparative religion. I then worked as a professional artist and art teacher for 30 years. In 2003 I received certification in hypnotherapy and hypnoanesthesia and in 2006, I received a diploma in psychology/social work. Since then, I have explored meditation and healing techniques from many different cultures around the world.
May you always be aware of the divine blessings in your life!