Imbolc has a Tale to Tell!

This ritual was a closed ritual, and it was one we needed to reconnect with our sister covens. Starwood Leaders came together with Lord Gwydion and Lady Arawyn to create the Story of Imbolc. Lord Palentine narrated the story of how the Divine Child (Lord Gwydion) wants to leave his Mother Goddess (Lady Epona Wren) and go out into the world. But first the Mother Goddess shows him how to bless candles with the nurturing power of milk from the Mother and the warming breath of the Sun to bless the wicks (The Divine Child breaths on them for he is the essence of the sun). With a heavy heart the Mother Goddess gives her blessings for the Divine Child to leave, but first he must visit his Grandmother…The Crone Goddess. The Crone Goddess (Lady Arawyn), blesses the candles with the healing waters of the cauldron. For water is just as important as the sun in helping things grow. She blesses them with knowledge and wisdom: “For when Knowledge and Wisdom are used together, Truth is always spoken.” The Crone also gives her blessings for the Divine Child to go out and explore the world. As he is exploring, he must learn from many teachers from all walks of earth and beyond. The Crone drinks from the well, and becomes the Maiden Goddess (Lady Selene). He follows her light not knowing why, she takes the candles to hand out to the world, and distract him with trinkets. She does teach him to feel the earth awaking from its slumber, slowly beneath the surface. She also help him light the candles and tells him to share light and hope with the world.

The third degrees have a lot of fun planning this ritual, and it was so amazing for Starwood, Owls Grove, and Circle of the Sacred Grove to be together…sharing old memories and creating new ones.