Yuletide Blessings

Our yule ritual was a blessings to us all. With this busy time of the year, we all treasured the time we come together and celebrate the Sabbat. With the help of our ancestors, Grandma Holly and Herne we turn the wheel of the year to Yule. Grandma Holly ask us to take all the merriment we were feeling and use it to help another (but shhh don’t tell anyone), a selfless act of kindness. She also brought forth the hope, the Divine Child and with his birth came a gift of light. The sun will return and bring the warmth back to the land and our hearts. The triple Goddess, Maiden/Mother/Crone spoke and lit the Yule log. Herne brought forth the Holly King and Oak King, brothers who battle to see who will rule. In midsummer, the Holly King won and has been ruling ever since, but he has grown tired. The Oak King’s time is now upon us and slowly it will began to get warmer but we must have patience. We love having those who could join us in ritual and missed those who could not. Many blessings to all and to all a good night!