Lammas Sacrifice

This years Lammas was very blessed! We have some great guests join us as we celebrated the blessings and sacrifice of the season.  The God explain the reason for sacrifice, while the Goddess placed the blade in hand and asked “Can you make the sacrifice just like the God does; just like the Goddess does; and just like our Ancestor had to?” Then we spread love around us, and out into the world! Blessings to all!!!!

Click below to see the reason for Sacrifice:

Why Sacrifice


Lammas Sacrifice — 2 Comments

  1. That’s lovely thakns for sharing! My wife and I have been teaching on Sunday mornings, so I’ve missed the comforting flow of ritual. One of the congregational pagans led service this morning and I caught part of it over the TV in the kitchen. I’ll be glad to be done teaching so that I can get back to that. This helped, though.

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