Litha’s Beauty

yellow flowers flowers rosesThis year’s Litha, Midsummer, was rich with the blessings of the Goddess and the God. We turn the wheel of the year being forth the Goddess as well as the  beauty and bounty of flowers. The Goddess also spoke about how the flower may be beautiful right now, but they are slowly dyeing. Please cherish the time you have with the beauty in your life….because it  does not last.

Litha is the longest day of the year, and we honor the Sun in a union of water and fire for with out them our planet could not flourish and neither could we.

sun rays




Litha is also a time when the Battle between The Oak King and Holly King must take place. For the Oak King has rule the waxing part of the year helping the planet grow. But now he grows weary, and the Holly King is well rested and ready to rule.

Oak King & Holly King

Oak King & Holly King







Gaia Lyonesse was the priestess with Lord Gwydion Lyonesse as the High Priest. They call in Hathor to celebrate the abundance of the Earth, and Ra to celebrate the full strength of the sun.


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