Lammas Blessings of Fire

This High Sabbat was very special to us. It was the first one in our new coven stead, and we were honor to have Lady Bona Dea and Lord Gwydion lead it. The sacrifice of the grain was felt as the God Lugh poured his fire into our vessel’s of spirit. Then we with the support of our neighbor in circle picked a piece of wheat and sacrifice it to the fire.

At the end of ritMaypole Treeual we did a dedication to our new covenstead, as well as planting our Beltane tree into the ground. It has served us well as our Beltane tree for the last four years not counting this year. It was ready to be planted. (It almost did not fit in our car on the way over)



Here are some picture of our new place and ritual…….


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