The Celebration of Love

When one thinks of Valentine’s Day, it usually is about buying candies and flowers for the romantic love in your life. But what if we look at this holiday differently? Love is the most powerful form of magick that we humans have seen. It has started wars, and ended them; it has pulled families apart and brought them back together; and it has brought grown men to their knees. On this day we should celebrate Love for what it has brought to our lives…endless memories of people who have touched our lives in many different ways. With every new love brought to a life, a new chapter is created and the love story that each person lives is continuously written throughout time.

     What…you think people’s lives are not love stories? Well you would not be here if that was not the case. Who has not heard a story about how their parents meet, or grandparents. Their love stories are being told throughout the generations. But we must also remember that a love story does not have to be between a man and woman only. A story is the telling of events in a person’s life, and love can be found throughout that life if looking closely enough. Even the hardest of lives has love; the love of one’s self to survive and not give up. Love comes in all shapes and sizes.

     There are many types of love that we can honor on this day. The love from a friend, who is always willing to listen to your problems; the love from a child, who see you as their hero; the love from a parent, who accepts you for you; the love from a sibling, who has your back when times get tough, and the love from a partner, who knows your inner beauty (that you may hide from the world). These loves all matter, all count! Let’s celebrate love by honoring the people in our lives that bring love to us every day.

     Now, there are people who will point out “I don’t have anyone in my life; I am alone”. How to bring love into a lonely life that wants love, but may not know how to get it? Do not hide from love, but embrace it. Go out into the world and find love. You ask how? Love can be hiding in many different areas. Volunteering at a homeless shelter, a nursing home, or even a pet shelter is a great way for you to experience love at work. A great way to attract love to your life is to give love to others.

Remember love is endless! Whenever you run out, you can just make more!


©Lady Arawyn Lyonesse

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