Yule Blessings

Our Yule was very warm and festive!  We had a great member’s circle, and then welcomed our Friends of the Grove with a Guest Circle. During the guest circle I wanted to honor the Yule tree, and all its beauty so we sang O’ Yuletide tree, which has the perfect lyrics.

To check out more pagan yuletide songs for next season try this website…   http://www.cernowain.com/pagansongbook/yule/yulelyrics.html 


Here are some pictures from our Family Night and Sabbat. We like to do a secrete yule gift exchange among the members. The gift need to have thought behind it, be made by the giver, and not cost to much. We like to explore the spirit of giving during this time, and I am so proud of everyone creativity. This is also a great way for member to get to know each other even better.

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