Brewing Updates for Summer 2015


August 1st

We will be having an open circle at 7pm.  We will be having this ritual in our new location, and will not require much setup, but please arrive at least 15 min early, Thank you! Lammas is the time for us to celebrate the first harvest of grain. The God has poured is energy into the grain to help it grow and feed his children, can the Goddess reap what she loves for the sake of her children?  Help us turn the wheel of the year as we bring in…Lammas! The circle will be at our new coven stead for directions please email me, Lady Arawyn, at:

Lammas Bread

Lammas Bread

…please put Beltane in the subject so I know what the email is about. (There is no email through this site). If sending an email, please send no later than 2pm on the day of the ritual, if emailed after that time they may not be answered until the next day. Thank

*We are accepting new students; if interested please join us at this ritual to see if we are what you might be looking for.*

*For those of you who wish to contribute to our website please email articles, events, poems, recipe and/or stories to and once approved, I will get them posted.

If you are having any problems emailing me, please leave a comment here and I will answer it.

Thank you,

Lady Arawyn Lyonesse, HPS




A Beltane World

To discover the sleeping child within…that is awaken with new found hope.

To dance with the freedom of a spirit…ascending to the Goddess’s embrace.

To feel forever connected to the land of our ancestors, as it vibrates through our souls.

To see the smiles of new and old faces… knowing you are loved with unabashed acceptance.

To hear the heart beat of a dancer’s steps… as they are engulf by the flame.

To experience a world where one can just be…can just dream…can just feel…can just…

Live in Perfect Love


Perfect Trust

the dancing fire couple

 Lady Arawyn Lyonesse 09, edited 2015

The Fluttering Sounds of Spring

 By: Illyria Lyonesse

As Ostara approaches, everyone is looking for signs of spring. The snow… has melted, the temperature is rising, and the grass is turning green. Another sign of spring’s return is the American Robin. But did you know that many robins, the harbinger of spring, can stay within their breeding range all year? They are difficult to spot because most of them do migrate, and the ones that stay behind primarily roost in trees and spend much less time on the ground than they will in the sred-winged-blackbir_681484cpring.

So what birds can we look for as true signs of spring’s arrival? Killdeer and Red-winged blackbirds return to their nesting grounds in the spring. Bird songs and behavior also change as spring nears and they prepare to mate. The males sing quite a bit more in the spring to attract a mate, and male cardinals will feed their mate sunflower seeds as part of courtship.

The types of food offered will also affect what birds come to your feeders. The best choice to offer is sunflower seeds, as they will attract the widest variety of birds. Black oil sunflower seeds are the easiest for small birds to crack and provide a high fat content. Safflower is also a popular choice, especially for people with squirrel problems (most squirrels don’t like safflower, but are very attracted by sunflower seeds). White millet is a favorite among ground-feeding birds like doves. Golden millet, red millet, and flax should be avoided. These are often offered as “filler” in packaged seed mixes, but few birds will actually eat them.

Finally, be patient! It may take a while after you set out a feeder for the birds to notice. If birds have not come to the feeder within a few days, try sprinkling some seeds on the ground nearby. Birds have a very poorly developed sense of smell, so they rely primarily on sight to find food.bird house