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December 19th

We will be having an open circle at 7pm.  We will be having this ritual in our new location, but there will require setup. If you can not help with setup, please arrive at least 15 min early, Thank you! Yule is the time for us to celebrate the birth of the Divine Child…the returning of the light. We come together to feel the warmth of family and the Divine spark that lives in us all. The Holly King and Oak King will battle again…who will win? Help us turn the wheel of the year as we bring in…Yule!  It will be an indoor ritual, but can be cold. Robes or black ritual clothing please.  For directions please email me, Lady Arawyn, at:

Please email Lady Arawyn the day before ritual, if emailed after that time they may not be answered until the next day. It depends on how fast the email gets into the email box. Thank

*We are accepting new students; if interested please join us at this ritual to see if we are what you might be looking for.*

*For those of you who wish to contribute to our website please email articles, events, poems, recipe and/or stories to and once approved, I will get them posted.

If you are having any problems emailing me, please leave a comment here and I will answer it.

Thank you,

Lady Arawyn Lyonesse, HPS                                                                                                                                                               Yule Tree




The Spirit of the Apple

We call to the spirit of Apple

 To awake

Come to us and settle here.

We call to the spirit of Apple

To Bless

The secrets held inside.

We call to the spirit of Apple

To bring

 Wisdom we hold so dear

We call to the spirit of the Apple

To enrich

 Our palettes and our minds with knowledge most divine.

~Lady Arawyn ©2013

To Reaffirm Your Mother Power

I call forth all ancient mothers who have come before.

I call upon the power of the Mother Goddess, who have nurture this land since the beginning.

I call upon the women, who know that just listening can be the greatest gift.

I seek the knowledge to let my inner wisdom be heard.

I seek the confidence to be the mother I know I can be.

I face all challenges that may be on my path;

 With the strength of all the power and energy that runs through my blood, and spiritual line. 

I know that I stand, not a lone, but in the front of this powerful force!

I know that if trouble comes my way I have someone to help me stand my ground!

I am a Mother!

 I am a Witch!

I am a Woman!

I stand before all

Wiser because of… my mothers!

Stronger because of… my sisters!

Powerful because of… my Goddess!

I stand!


~Lady Arawyn Lyonesse ©2005 revised 2015


 Mommy and Phoenix