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Open Ritual

Our Samhain ritual will be Oct. 29 at 7pm. This ritual will be open, and if you would like to attend please email/call Lady Arawyn for directions and the welcome letter. This Samhain celebration is to honor the Third Harvest of Meat. Happy Witch’s New Year! Let’s join together and honor our Ancestors as the dark half of the year unfolds around us. Please join us as we dance with the dead and turn the wheel bringing in….Samhain!

The Cool Winds of Fall whisper to us all!


Crone Speaks


*We are accepting new students who can start classes in fall of 2016; if interested please join us at this ritual to see if we are what you might be looking for.*

*For those of you who wish to contribute to our website please email articles, events, poems, recipe and/or stories to and once approved, I will get them posted.

If you are having any problems emailing me, please leave a comment here and I will answer it.

Thank you,

Lady Arawyn Lyonesse, HPS

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“I now walk where my ancestors trod,

In hallowed footsteps falling.

Bless’d are my feet on sacred ground!

Bless’d are the voices calling!”

            The word Hallowe’en, as you probably already know, is a shortening of the phrase “All Hallow’s Evening. This is the evening preceding the Christian All Hallows Day or All Saints Day on November 1st.  But from before the beginning of Christianity, many indigenous cultures honored the sacredness of their ancestors and the part that death plays in the cycle of life at this same time of year. Most pagans claim this holiday with first bragging rights. They certainly are entitled to, but what is more important is what it really means. What are we supposed to remember on this holiday? What is the true focus?

Obviously not cartoon character costumes, pranks, and candy corn. The definition of “hallow” is “to make holy.” What does “holy” really mean? It means to make sacred or to honor “by association with the divine” (Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary) The obvious assumption would seem to be, then, to “hallow” or honor our ancestors at this time of year. They have blazed the trail for us. They have helped us evolve to who we are now. This is true, but is that all?

Couldn’t we, shouldn’t we also honor the next generation of ancestors? Oh! That would be ourselves, wouldn’t it? Hmmm. What will the next generation honor us for?

How about also honoring our children who would become the ancestors of our world’s future generations? As frustrating as they can sometimes be, we will be passing the torch to them, someday.

Maybe Hallowe’en could be a time to honor all human life on this planet. We all have that divine spark within us. If we recognize and acknowledge that purely spiritual component that connects all humanity, maybe we can grow it bigger and evolve a little further.

We are all sacred. We need to remember that and treat each other accordingly.


© Bona Dea Lyonesse 2010



To Reaffirm Your Mother Power

I call forth all ancient mothers who have come before.

I call upon the power of the Mother Goddess, who have nurture this land since the beginning.

I call upon the women, who know that just listening can be the greatest gift.

I seek the knowledge to let my inner wisdom be heard.

I seek the confidence to be the mother I know I can be.

I face all challenges that may be on my path;

 With the strength of all the power and energy that runs through my blood, and spiritual line. 

I know that I stand, not a lone, but in the front of this powerful force!

I know that if trouble comes my way I have someone to help me stand my ground!

I am a Mother!

 I am a Witch!

I am a Woman!

I stand before all

Wiser because of… my mothers!

Stronger because of… my sisters!

Powerful because of… my Goddess!

I stand!


~Lady Arawyn Lyonesse ©2005 revised 2015

Its been 11 years on my journey as a Mother…loving every moment!


 Mommy and Phoenix

The Goddess has a Tale to Tell!

©Arawyn Lyonesse

“My child, why do you weep?”

“My Goddess, you have grown so tired; I fear you do not have much time, and you will leave like all do. And I will be alone without your guidance!”

“Dear one, have I become so old in eyes so young? Oh, do not fear, my child!” For it is true; winkles now grace my face, and silver has weaved itself into my hair. But death will not take me for I keep a cycle that circles with no end.”

The Crone is who I am…

with a story to tell;
about my future but my past as well.
So come and listen and I will share the tale that I know so well.

“We start with a Quickening felt very deep within

Way beneath the glistening snow.
Tis the time, for me to drink from blessed waters while the Light is just a glow.
The Maiden will I be again; innocent and pure.
Preparing the way for the awakening of the land
The May pole will I dance
embracing He who calls me near.
The Mother will I be again, with swollen belly and

a promise that I will help to bear.

But for now…

The sacrifice is at hand, reap with sorrow I must,

To feed my children and the land.

For the cold is descending…

The season has shifted and the thin veil has been lifted.

To Summerland I make my way, but only until the night out lives the day.

Then I will return and bring forth the Light that will nourish the land.

For I am Goddess: Maiden, Mother and Crone!

It is my past…It is my future…It is my Life!

Like a circle it has no beginning and no end.


You can do one thing for me, as you grow my child. Keep me in your heart and carry my love with you as you live… the life… that you… were gifted!”