Brewing Updates for Summer 2021


We are all doing well. Hope you are as well?

We are having small closed rituals at this time do to location issues. Our High Priestess & High Priest have moved, and once their new house is organized we will start to have open circles. Hoping by Mabon or Samhain.

Stay Safe, and Blessed Be!

For information on classes text Lady Arawyn  (419)276-8832    

*We are accepting new students who can start classes in April. 2021.

If interested please join us at this ritual or the next one to see if we are what you might be looking for. 

Remember when visiting a coven, you should never be asked to do anything you don’t feel right doing.

If you are not comfortable doing something…


Be Safe my Sisters & Brothers!


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The Maypole of Life

maypole 2018

There are many traditions about the Maypole, but here is the one our coven follows. The May Pole is a phallic symbol. It is inserted into a hole in Mother Earth to represent the act of the Goddess and God making love so they can conceive the Divine Child. As men and women weave around the maypole the flower wreath, at the top, slowly comes down. Once it hits the ground conception is at hand. But let’s look deeper into the meaning of the Maypole.

Watching people dance the Maypole I started to realize this dance represents life; how we live our lives. Some want the dance to go perfectly while others just free form it. The controlling of the maypole dance can be frustrating to some while others just have fun with it. In life, it can be hard to control every situation. Sometimes you just have to go with the flow especially when control is out of your hands. The Maypole dance can show us that it’s ok to just have fun once in a while and let the magick work…not try to control every little aspect.

When we danced our Maypole this year, we tried a little to control the dance. Who’s going in what direction, and who’s weaving on top or bottom. As we danced and sang the chant, confusion did happen but so did laughter. Mistakes were made with people weaving in and out, some trying to do it right while others just having fun with it. As we weaved in and out of each other’s lives we, as humans, make mistakes, we mess up! Sometimes the meeting is a fun and a great interaction. The connection lasted for a long time, while others are just “two ships passing in the night” as the saying goes. All those interactions, those connections, no matter how long or short, are important aspects of life.

During the dance, there were times when people would get tangled. It usually happened as we got closer to the Maypole. This too happens in life, the closer we get to one another the more our lives are entangled. Sometimes good, sometimes bad. But think of this; all relationships are good. Yes, even the bad ones! Why you may ask? Well they help to teach us lessons, and/ or to define the type of relationship we do want versus what we do not want. As children, we only know a handful of relationships, but as we travel down our Maypole of life we weave different connections and they all help us to grow into the humans we want to be.  Think about this: would you be the person you are today if it was not for the relationships you had? You may wish you never knew a certain person, but that person taught you a lesson. Whether you listen to the lesson is one of the factors you can control in life. How we listen and learn from our lessons in life is totally up to us.

The weave of the Maypole can show us how a life was lived. Loose weaving or tangled weaves can be some struggle in a life. But eventually, the weave takes on a more organized pattern. Could this indicate life becoming more organized? Maybe!  It could also indicate growth, how the person learned to connect with those around them.

As we danced our Maypole this year, I noticed how our intermingling with each other weaved such a unique pattern.  No two Maypole weaves are alike, just like no two relationships are alike.

This weave can also show us how we touch each other’s life. Life is a weaving of many connections; the intersecting of lives that meet on the path we travel. Can we control the weaving of life? We can try. But sometimes letting what’s going to happen just happen can lead to great experiences and encounters. There are a few things one can control. As you are weaving the Maypole, you can watch your speed, try not to bump into anyone causing them injury, and try to enjoy the experience as best you can. This can be said for life as well. Don’t speed through life never enjoying the journey but at the same time don’t go so slow that you get left behind. Watch how much your life can affect others, and how much you will let others affect you. Life is messy, sex is messy. The Maypole dance is an organized mess. Handle the dance the best you can. Control what you can and remember to have some fun.

©Lady Arawyn Lyonesse 2018

Statement from the High Priestess

Merry Meet all! It was brought to my attention yesterday that in the Toledo Blade was a article about how Pagans and Wiccans were dealing with the pandemic. In the article there were a few things that I didn’t agree with. But the one thing that I can prove to be wrong is where I received my training. As a neophyte, I would meet up with other students at Knowledge Et All, hang out for a bit, talk with the owner, and then we would go to Lady Bona Dea’s house for our neophyte class. The only reason I am bringing this up is because someone came at Lady Bona Dea asking why she was claiming that she trained me. Next time anyone hears anything about my husband, our coven or myself that is different then what we claimed or have stated. Come to us and we will clarify. Do not go to our Founder, our Elder and make her feel like she has to defend herself. Thank you!

Leadership of the Coven

Lord Gwydion & Lady Arawyn

We, the Leadership of the coven, send blessings during this trying times. We hope you are all safe and healthy. To those that work on the front lines, we honor your sacrifice and dedication. We Stand with you! May we all get through this to a new beginning and a bright healthier future.

  • On a side note, we want to make it very clear that we not associated with any covens in the Toledo area except for the two covens we have listed on the right side.
  • One is located in Toledo, while the other is located in Delta, but does classes in Toledo.
  • It has come to our knowledge that there are false statements online when researching locate covens.
  • Lady Bona Dea is our founder. She trained and Eldered the Leadership in Starwood coven,
  • We gave the High Priestess of Owls Grove her Neophyte training; at which time she was then trained by another Elder in our line. (This coven also brings in teachings from the High Priestess’s family tradition).
  • If you ever read anything online that claims Lady Bona Dea or us had trained a person, please confirm that with us.
  • If you every read or are told someone was trained by Lady Circe of Toledo, please do your research on this. We can help with this, but there our still Elders from her time availability to confirm such claims.
  • We want everyone safe, and being trained by a trusted teacher.

Thank you,

Lady Arawyn Lyonesse, Elder High Priestess

Lord Gwydion Lyonesse, Elder High Priest

The Goddess has a Tale to Tell!

The Crone Speaks

The Crone Speaks

“My child, why do you weep?”

“My Goddess, you have grown so tired; I fear you do not have much time, and you will leave like all do. And I will be alone without your guidance!”

“Dear one, have I become so old in eyes so young? Oh, do not fear, my child! For it is true; winkles now grace my face, and silver has weaved itself into my hair. But death will not take me for I keep a cycle that circles with no end.”

The Crone is who I am…

with a story to tell;
about my future but my past as well.
So come and listen and I will share the tale that I know so well.

“We start with a Quickening felt very deep within

Way beneath the glistening snow.
Tis the time, for me to drink from blessed waters while the Light is just a glow.
The Maiden will I be again; innocent and pure.
Preparing the way for the awakening of the land
The May pole will I dance
embracing He who calls me near.
The Mother will I be again, with swollen belly and

a promise that I will help to bear.

But for now…

The sacrifice is at hand, reap with sorrow I must,

To feed my children and the land.

For the cold does now descend…


The season has shifted and the thin veil has been lifted.

To Summerland I make my way, but only until the night out lives the day.

Then I will return and bring forth the Light that will nourish the land.


For I am Goddess: Maiden, Mother, and Crone!

It is my past…It is my future…It is my Life!

Like a circle, it has no beginning and no end.


You can do one thing for me, as you grow my child. Keep me in your heart and carry my love with you as you live… the life… that you… were gifted!”

©Arawyn Lyonesse 2018

Can’t get this Song out of My Head!

The Power of Song

     Ever wondered why a certain song just pops into your mind out of nowhere? Now sometime this happens because you just listened to it. Ok, that’s not that surprising. I’m talking about out of nowhere words with a tune start playing in your head, and you have not heard the song in months, if not years. Maybe I am alone in this, but it got me thinking. What if those are messages from guides or spirits trying to get you to learn a lesson, or relay a thought/emotion to you? Songs are a great way for us to retain a lot of information. Think about it, ever heard a song from your childhood, and you remember the words like no time has passed? The tune takes you back and the words flow through your mind and out your mouth. Well, could this also be a way for something to speak to you through song?

     This idea came to me while I was traveling down a street, in my mind I was thinking “I would never live here.” A little judgy, I’ll admit. So what song, out of nowhere, popped into my head? “Riffraff, street rat; I don’t buy that; If only they’d look closer…they find out there’s so much more to me”. Yes, the lyrics from a song in Disney’s Aladdin movie. I have not heard this song in years, but here it was playing in my head while I drove that section of the road. When I drove out it popped back out of my head. Could this have been a message to not be so judgy? I started to think, yes! This has not been the first time songs have popped into my head, and I asked myself why that song.

     I have noticed that lately some of the songs in my head have been those my teenage daughter listens to, and I, like most parents, don’t like some of her song picks. So why have I found myself replaying parts in my head? I think it was and is a message to give the music a chance. My inner voice was drawn to the lyrics, the tune. Plus, maybe it was trying to tell me to listen as a better way to understand my daughter. I was not giving the music a fair shot because it was different than what I was used to. So I listened more closely to the lyrics… the message the artist was trying to convey, and I found myself really liking the music and loving the emotion the songs possessed. My eyes were opened to new things and I had a better understanding of my daughter. Her music was a lot like mine when I was a kid; it was just in a different style. Plus the more music you listen to the more musical messages can come to you. More source material to pull from.

     Songs can bring up emotions that we may need to feel at a certain moment in our lives. Songs can pop into our minds to help us remember how we were feeling when we first heard that particular song. They can be a trigger for certain emotions. What a great way for an unknown force to help you feel or learn something through song. Ever have a song come to the mind that made you think about a loved one that had passed away? What if it’s a way for them to let you know they are with you; that you are not alone?

     Songs are a great way for us to learn something. Put words to a tune, and most likely you will remember them every time you hear that tune. Who has sung the alphabet to get the order of the letters? I have! It’s programmed in us at a young age…memory through song. So why wouldn’t guides, spirits or forces unknown not tap into this way of communicating with us? Even if we don’t understand, our subconscious knows. The message the songs are trying to express may be incorporated into our dreams or our so-called random thoughts. Whether you listen to the messages, thoughts, and/or dreams is up to you and always will be. As for now, enjoy the music in your head…a message for your ears only.

©Lady Arawyn Lyonesse 2018

music note head

Spring Equinox, Mark of Transition

Altar of Ostara

The transition is visible now, from the inertia of winter to the aliveness of summer. The torrential rains and gusty winds that uproot old, weak plant life and unsettle the wildlife, remove what is dead weight and restores balance, allowing for new, stronger, more adaptable life to grow. It happens every year.

The last flooding rain we had chased some rabbits out of the woods up into the covenstead’s yard, the only higher ground available. Their alertness and will to survive motivated them to act quickly. They zig-zagged back and forth across our yard, frantic for a place to feel safe. They soon took refuge in the garden and under our shrubs until the water subsided. Being without shelter put them at risk of being injured, killed or eaten. Was this the end of the world for them as they knew it?

Maybe, in rabbit society, there are prophesies and legends of the end of “Rabbit World,” with one disaster after another, forcing rabbits everywhere to abandon everything they know and love. Will rabbits as a species continue into the summer or is this it?

We can look back on that event, as ones outside their life or death struggle and say, “The violent weather is just the transition between seasons. They’ll be alright, they’ll learn to adapt. They will find different places to live, look for new sources of food, start new lives. It is not the end of the world.”

We know our world is set in a pattern of as above, so below. The gusty winds of dissent and the torrential rains of economic bad news have uprooted some of us and threatened the rest of us with having to change how we live or else.

We can look at this and say, “The violent political weather is just the transition between ages of human existence. We’ll be alright, we’ll learn to adapt. It is not the end of the world. If we must leave our homes, we’ll find different ones. If our food sources are no more, we’ll find other sources. We will start our lives anew. It is not the end of the world.”

Hoarding material things that we think we cannot live without will not help us during transitions such as these. Hoarding just weighs us down and clinging prevents us from moving forward. Becoming flexible and skillful, creative and adventurous, courageous and confident and most importantly, trusting in our spiritual connections is what will get us through, what will help us humans to evolve.

©Lady Bona Dea Lyonesse 2009

To Reaffirm Your Mother Power

I call forth all ancient mothers who have come before.

I call upon the power of the Mother Goddess, who have nurture this land since the beginning.

I call upon the women, who know that just listening can be the greatest gift.

I seek the knowledge to let my inner wisdom be heard.

I seek the confidence to be the mother I know I can be.

I face all challenges that may be on my path;

 With the strength of all the power and energy that runs through my blood, and spiritual line. 

I know that I stand, not a lone, but in the front of this powerful force!

I know that if trouble comes my way I have someone to help me stand my ground!

I am a Mother!

 I am a Witch!

I am a Woman!

I stand before all

Wiser because of… my mothers!

Stronger because of… my sisters!

Powerful because of… my Goddess!

I stand!


~Lady Arawyn Lyonesse ©2005 revised 2015

Its been 13 years on my journey as a Mother…loving every moment!


 Mommy and Phoenix