Passing on the “Light of the World”

  Bona Dea Lyonesse 2011

One of the events we celebrate at Imbolc is the maturing of the Divine Child. The Mother Goddess releases Him into the world, having fed Him on Her nurturing, celestial milk of love, knowing that She has prepared Him for His destiny to be the “Light of the World.” He will shine His unconditional love on all, and make life grow with His energy. She prepared Him well. He knew without a doubt that he was loved, as her love is unending. He respects all life as His Mother respects all life. This is the only unchanging aspect of the changeable universe; unconditional love.

Many of us strive to embody this virtue, but sometimes it just seems too big for us humans to handle. We want to make positive, helpful changes, but we are too small and too few. How can we change the world for the better when it just keeps changing for what seems to be the worse faster than we can even comprehend? Just when we put together a plan, all the rules seem to change! What can we trust any more? What chance do we have?

We as humans are given a new chance at creating a peaceful, loving world every time a baby is born. It doesn’t matter in what culture the child lives or what society’s rules are at the time. Those are just some of the influences that change without warning. What we need to do is simple. We can go back to the original example set for us: the foundation for the existence of all life, unconditional love. Love is what counts no matter what the rules happen to be. It is the most powerful force in the universe. This is what we can trust.

All of us have a hand in raising the world’s children, whether we give birth to them or not. We as human society release these children out into the world to make the changes we claim we want to see. Have we fed them on the nurturing milk of unconditional love and support? Do they know without a doubt that they are loved? Have we taught them how to respect all life by our example?

This is our job. It was our parent’s job, too, and they did the best they could, but we can do better. This is what spiritual evolution is about. Our present generations have a deeper understanding of what we all need to thrive through the support of our ancestors and the growth of our own spirit.

All we have to do is love our children unconditionally and respect them, for they are each a Divine Child. How will we know if we have succeeded? Our children will be able to easily love others in turn and will have a natural, unquestioning respect for all life. It is up to us to keep it moving forward. If we don’t take advantage of this opportunity, then we are no different than those we complain most loudly against.


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