The Feel of a Sabbat Ritual: Samhain

Do all Sabbat rituals feel the same?

I do not believe Sabbat rituals feel the same. Yes, some aspects blend a little going from one to the other. They build on each other in a way. But the energies that are tapped into are completely different. Samhain can be darker, and more intense than the others. When you lift the veil and invite Ancestors of Blood, Teachings, and Anointed into your circle one has to be ready for some powerful messages and wonderful energy raising.

{Now keep in mind, all covens do rituals differently. This is just one way….the way we practice.}

All the Sabbats hold a special place in my heart, but Samhain moves ahead just a little more because it challenges me to face the darkness, and not be scared, To face the unknown, and embrace it. At this time up to Yule is a time to look inwards. To embrace who you are as a person, the dark and light side of you. The hardest part can be exploring your shadow side. The side we hide even from ourselves. The crone that speaks to us at Samhain helps us to face some of that. She shines her lantern of truth over us and tells us to open our eyes, not to hide from who we are. If you don’t like what you see, change it or learn to accept it…learn to love you.

Now who are these Ancestors I have mentioned:

Ancestors of Blood are your blessed kin. They are the line of your people who paved the way so you could exist. Their message, ritual night, was not to wait to do something. Time is short. The sands of the hourglass are falling swiftly. Each grain of sand is a moment in time. Did you enjoy it? Did you make the most of it? Do not have regrets like some of the Ancestors of Blood do. Enjoy life and the ones around you. Leave lots of memories that generation upon generation can share with each other.

Ancestors of Teachings are the ones in your life that passed down the knowledge to all. They first shared their wisdom with spoken word, then carved in stone. Pen to paper was the way for many years. Today it is ones and zeroes. The teachings are still true, and meaningful no matter how they are delivered. They too paved the way for us to be here practicing this faith. They were willing to teach others when it was dangerous and hard, but they would risk it for those who were willing to listen. Are you willing to listen? It may not be dangerous now, but it is still hard. That is the importance of the teachings they left behind. They can be handed down to many generations willing to face the challenge.

Ancestors of Anointed are the ones who were never alive on earth. They are the ageless spirits who have been here since time began. They are our guides, the whispering voice telling you what would be best (if you listen). They seek individuals whom they sense can handle a higher purpose in life and they touch them. Those individuals can feel it in their hearts. They will know they have a job to do in the world. The Anointed have charged them to go forth and share the magick, the love, with the world…to those who are ready to listen and learn from a future Ancestor of Teachings.

There are many other ancestors to call in during Samhain. Just calling in your blessed kin would be wonderful. We have found that these three work for us, and that is the message with ritual work. Try new ideas. Test things out and see what works for you…what makes sense to you. If you do not believe in what you are doing, if you do not have intent as to why you are doing something, do you think it will work? You are the most important tool in ritual work. You hold the key to all magick in this world. If you don’t believe, if you don’t have meaning behind it, INTENT, do you think it will work?


So the answer to the question “Do all Sabbat rituals feel the same?”  It is completely up to you. They can, but they don’t have to. Explore the possibilities!

©Lady Arawyn Lyonesse Oct/2018


The Darkness of Hallows

The Darkness of Hallows


Ancestors Blood/Ancestors Teachings/Ancestors Anoint
were researched from “Faery Teachings” Orion Foxwood.

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