Brewing Updates for Winter 2021

Wintery Break

With the way, the pandemic was getting in November, December, and January, we decided to not have in-person rituals. We did zoom called with our coven members, did a Facebook live for a yule greeting, and one of our Priestess did a video ritual of Imbolc. All in all, we are getting through these tough times leading on each other when we can, through videos, messages, and phone calls. We are trying to decide what we can do for Ostara. But Beltain looks like it will be an outside ritual, still closes to walk-ins. Still want to be safe so for the time being guests will be limited. And with the calls I have received in the last month, we may have those slots filled. I will update this message when we get more info. Already three people, who are involved with our coven, are receiving the first dose of the vacation. I hope there are more to follow.

For information on the ritual please text Lady Arawyn  (419)276-8832    

If interested please join us at this ritual or the next one to see if we are what you might be looking for.

*We are accepting new students who can start classes in April. 2021.


Remember when visiting a coven, you should never be asked to do anything you are not comfortable with.  

If you are not comfortable doing something…


Be Safe my Sisters & Brothers!


New policy starting in 2019, click the link to get details. Thank you.

New Donation Policy


Brewing Updates for Winter 2021 — 2 Comments

  1. Looking for a family to help me further my journey. Wanting a coven to call me own. I’m a 17 year old Solidarity Water Witch.

  2. Unfortunately we only train those who are 18 years and older, unless your parent is a member of the coven, then a person can start at 16 years of age. They will still not be initiated until they are 18.

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