Statement from the High Priestess

Merry Meet all! It was brought to my attention yesterday that in the Toledo Blade was a article about how Pagans and Wiccans were dealing with the pandemic. In the article there were a few things that I didn’t agree with. But the one thing that I can prove to be wrong is where I received my training. As a neophyte, I would meet up with other students at Knowledge Et All, hang out for a bit, talk with the owner, and then we would go to Lady Bona Dea’s house for our neophyte class. The only reason I am bringing this up is because someone came at Lady Bona Dea asking why she was claiming that she trained me. Next time anyone hears anything about my husband, our coven or myself that is different then what we claimed or have stated. Come to us and we will clarify. Do not go to our Founder, our Elder and make her feel like she has to defend herself. Thank you!

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